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YIAPCAM offers volunteer programs for participants from developed countries to work together with citizens of developing countries on urban- and rural-based, sustainable community service projects. The volunteer programs of YIAPCAM provide a means for volunteers and in-country program staff to understand each other's cultures and problems while at the same time actively address, at a community level, some of our pressing local and global issues. You are invited to participate with YIAPCAM in developing and supporting activities that provide opportunities for healing and spreading awareness about critical local needs. The warmth and friendship you share with YIAPCAM staff, host community members, and fellow volunteers is an experience you will long cherish. As a YIAPCAM volunteer, you are in for an adventure in service, learning and cultural exchange that will last a lifetime!

Placement (hostel & workplace)

Two and a half weeks before the volunteer arrives, work placement is prepared according to interest and preference. So we encourage all volunteers to notify us as early as possible for the better arrangement of the program.
Volunteer Experience and Eligibility
Volunteer Experience
As a volunteer, your primary responsibility will be to run your program in your assigned work placement (schools or community). During orientation, you will be with Cameroonian counterparts. With your team, you will be responsible for conducting teaching, seminars and training and community leaders within your placement village or school.


These include the game reserves , beaches resort centers. YIAPCAM does not officially organize these activities, but we will facilitate volunteers traveling together before and after the program. Each program also includes at least one long-weekend off for travel. Staff members have traveled extensively in almost all the regions in Cameroon and can help you make plans.


We understand that many people are worried about the dangers and health risks associated with a trip to Africa. In addressing this it should first be emphasized that not all African countries are the same. Cameroon has one of the most stable governments on the continent, and has been peaceful for many years. Tens of thousands of tourists visit Mount Kako every year. Daily, non-stop flights to Europe with connections to North America depart less than an hour from the DOUALA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (DLA), so emergency travel can be easily arranged if necessary. Staying in touch with friends and family is easy via internet and telephone facilities. With appropriate behavior volunteers can live safely and remain healthy.


takes the following safety precautions:

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age on their program start-date.
Applicants must be capable of walking 4 miles each day unassisted.
Nobody will be discriminated against on the basis of sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, national origin or economic background.

Yiapcam Volunteer
Yiapcam Volunteer

Empowering youths & the underprivileged in society with the skills they need

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We seek a society-Cameroon where all youth and underprivileged Have equal opportunities and actively involved in the Decision making and implementation process.